Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Raise your duaa

I am a firm believer of duaa. I love duaa. I love everything about duaa. It's powerful, it's the best tool a believer should hold truth. If you ever attended any of sharing sessions or my talks, you'll noticed how I keep on emphasizing about duaa and how can duaa change your life at all degree.

When I first started my hijraa many years back, I remember the duaa I made that brought me to tears badly. I was asking Allah to guide me because I was felt so hopeless and helpless at that time. I still remember the exact words I said while making duaa to Allah. After placing my duaa at that time, I felt relieved, protected and heard. It was one amazing feeling that I can hardly put into words. 

Alhamdulillah, now we are entering the last 10 nights of Ramadhan, it is the perfect time to make extra lengthy duaa with full of hopes. Make duaa that Allah choose us to wake up for tahajjud in the last third of the night, before having suhoor. That is the perfect time to unleash all of you duaas to Allah SWT. Allah in His Glory descends to the lower heavens to listen to those who call upon Him. Mashaallah, amazing right?!

Quote by Imam Shafie rahimulallah

I would like to share with you some key points about duaa that I learned from my teachers and classes online. All these lessons has given me a whole new perspective about duaa. I no longer make duaa just for the sake of making duaa. I see duaa as an opportunity to talk to Allah, tell Him stories and the One I hang on to all my hopes, dreams and desires. Duaa shouldn't be the spare wheel that you pull when you need it, duaa itself is the steering wheel of life, that will direct you to the right destination.

So here it goes:

1. Make duaa to Allah at any time in any condition. There is no restriction in making duaa to Allah, we ask and He provides.

2. Make a list of your duaa, internalise your duaa and compose it. This is to help you asking for the same thing until your duaa is accepted. Make sure you pick few names of Allah and put it into your duaas. 

3. Milestone your duaas visually. Visualize it, if possible print pictures, make slide shows of what your duaa is about.

4. Make duaa that will benefit you both in dhunia and akhirah.

5. Make your duaa habit. Here are some list of time you can start your daily duaa habit

  • in sajdah
  • at end of salaah
  • at adhan
  • between adhan and iqamah
  • immediately after wudhu'
  • duaa throughout day of fasting
  • at time of iftar
  • in the middle of the night
  • third portion of the night
  • when waking up at night
  • Friday afternoon duaa days
  • while traveling
  • whilst drinking zam zam

6. Ask Allah plentiful of things, be specific of what you want. Don't make it general. Allah is Al Karem, He gives to whoever He wants.

7. Avoid sinning.

8. Always be positive and stop complaining.

9. Always be thankful to Allah for duaa response, either it is good or bad, just be thankful.

10. Make best duaa for others as well.

"And your Lord says: Call upon me (ask me) and I will answer you"
Surah Ghafir, ayaah 60

I love this verse so much! Its very powerful, positive  inspiring and hopeful indeed. I remember seating in Sh.Yawar's class during LEC and he talked about this. He said, "this is the promise of Allah in the Quran, and Allah never failed to fulfil His promises. So ask, don't doubt in Allah". Allahuakbar! Beautiful right?

Don't be shameful to ask because you think you've sinned so much and you don't deserve to ask Allah for anything. Pray, make tawbah and ask Allah to guide you. Allah loves those who cry to Him, beg Him and ask from Him.

I hope this entry helps, and give you some idea and also inspire you to keep on making duaa. May we all reach the night of laylatul qadr, ameen.

I pray that all your duaas are granted and hopefully we come out from this month of Ramadhan as a better person. Allahuma ameen.

That's my duaa list (printed in A4 paper)
Very lengthy because I have so much to ask from Allah


Sunday, 5 July 2015

Cubaan sekali lagi

Assalamualaykum w.b.t

Sihat semua nya? Cubaan sekali lagi menulis after a long long rest. Last time post blog masih single and now I'm married >> hewhewhewhew maluewwww *insert SHY emoji*

Alhamdulillah, inshaallah I'm back for good? (HOPEFULLY!). I've been posting #ayeshashares quite sometime on instagram, tapi kadang-kadang caption terlampau panjang, dan banyak benda yang nak di sampaikan tak sampai, hence, I am back here! (atas cadangan dan feedback dari banyak pihak)

Happy nak start blogging balik, ada beberapa post dah start draft, tinggal nak edit sikit-sikit lepas tu boleh lah post. Entry hari ni, sekadar nak 'warm up' dulu. Baru hias sikit-sikit blog, harap-harap boleh menarik hati pembaca, dan semoga isi nya pun semua bermanafaat. Tak sabar nak dapatkan momentum, idea menulis dan kongsi gambar banyak-banyak tanpa perlu fikirkan muat ke caption nak share ni... 

Selain dari diri sendiri nak sharing dekat sini, kita nak ajak kawan-kawan pun share sama ok? So kalau nak share apa-apa boleh email kita (click jer gambar email icon love yang comel di sebelah kanan itu) or kalau nak tanya apa-apa ke, sila kan tulis email, jangan malu jangan segan!

Last sekali, semoga blog ini reach out to many people out there. Semoga dapat memberi inspirasi kepada semua orang di luar sana dan semoga kita semua dapat belajar sesuatu dari blog ini. Okay dah tu jer, cuba comment sikit kalau awak semua happy I'm back here!

Okay thats all, selamat meneruskan ibadah puasa, 10 malam terakhir nak dekat dah, jom naik kan gear ke gear paling laju! THE REAL RACE IS HERE!