Saturday, 4 June 2016

Ramadhan Plan 2016

Assalamualaykum wbt.

This is my Ramadhan schedule. Sharing this because some of you were asking me about it. May this benefit all of you, bi'ithnillah.
I recommend for you to set 1 or 2 goals (if you have more, go for it) during this special month to keep on giving you the same momentum to go through Ramadhan. Think of something that you know you can really work on and achieve it. It can be very little and simple, for example:

- listen to islamic talk for 2 minutes everyday.
- memorize juz amma.
- give charity everyday even if its just RM1 or a smile the least.
- pray jamaah at the masjid at least for 1 prayer.

And the list goes on. Think of something that is achievable and you are sure you can do it! 
My goals this Ramadhan are:

1. To finish the Quran in the month. My whole 26 years of living, I have yet be able to finish the Quran in month of Ramadhan because of my poor and slow recitation. But Alhamdulillah after I joined Tajweed Made Easy Academy Global course, my recitation has improved so much, so this year I must try to achieve this goal!

2. To cut down on musics and TV series (struggling)

You can add more sunnah acts as only you know your own abilities and capabilities. Strive for more and push yourself to the best limit. May Allah grant us the energy, keep on inspiring us and make it at ease for all of us, ameen.
Alhamdulillah, inshaallah this year is my 3rd Ramadhan in deen and I look forward to do more quality acts and most importantly, I pray that my acts are istiqomah and I come out from this moth a a better and upgraded person.
I pray that this Ramadhan, we received so much forgiveness from Allah and be blessed for our effort to come closer to Him, may Allah choose us to be among those that He grant His hidayah, may He accept all our duaas and keep us steadfast in our deen. May Allah increase us in knowledge and imaan, ameen.

Ramadhan Kareem my friend, I humbly seek for your forgiveness for any wrong doings, sayings and sharing and may you find a place in your heart to forgive me and others whom have wronged you.

O'Allah, I expect Your promise, You ask me to ask from You, and I know You with your power will not failed me in my duaa.
Allahuma ameen.

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