Thursday, 2 March 2017

Let's give it a try again and my 1st Youtube Video.


What???! It's already 2nd of March??? I promised to myself that 2017, will be the year I'm going to start typing again on my blog but I guess, things just don't turn out that way. New year resolution failed on me, boooo! and here I am trying to start again from where I left it which erm, June 2016? lol! that was a year ago.

so, Assalamua'laykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh my dear readers.

Thank you for still taking your time to read my writing though I think this whole 1st post for 2017 will be a pointless writing. Just me typing whatever came to my mind.

Lets just recap of how the past 2 months of 2017 has been nothing but great to me. Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal. I chant to myself every morning that 2017 will be a great year for me. Despite the challenges and hiccups here and there, I guess to still be able to live under a roof, enough food to eat, and clothes to wear, I am pretty much bless with good things in life right? Tabarakaallah..

Initially, I plan to start youtube-ing again, so I posted a video in January and its lasted ermmmm only that 1 time I guess?! Well if you haven't watch my video, please do watch it below. Enjoy seeing me answering questions, and ranting over things.

Inshaallah I'm working on my 2nd video, just that I need to learn the editing skill because, Inalillah, my skill on editing is pure plain and very boring (anyone up to teach me on video editing, ermmm for FREE? lol 😂)

I guess that's all for now, not even doing any recap as I mentioned above, sorry! I have of laundry to make, and piles of clothes to be folded (wife duty calling) so I'll be back writing here tomorrow, inshaallah. Pray for me please to be istiqomah on this blogging journey.

For now, lets seat back, eat some popcorn or something, and watch my video, wassalam.

Ayesha S