Wednesday 20 March 2019

Tag Your Quran Workshop


Tag Your Quran Workshop is a platform where the love of nurturing the Quran is built. It all began 6 years back when I started to learn the Quran and did the tagging on certain ayahs that I have been learning consistently during my Quran classes. Personally I’ve been developing beautiful relationship with my Quran via this tagging method. I’ve been asked around regarding it. Hence in 2017, I started my tagging workshop named formerly known as Quran Notes Marking Gathering; (QNMG). I would like to share what I have learned on a bigger platform with other sisters through my workshop.

In this workshop, I will be sharing notes that I have tagged from my personal Quran learning and classes, simple steps on how I do my Tadabbur journaling of the Quran and sharing my ways on building a relationship with Allah and the Quran. However, I would like to remind all of you that this is not a Quran verses explanation workshop. It is mainly on sharing the ways of finding your way back to the Quran and to implement them in our daily lives.

What is this workshop for?:

* To instil the motivation to the sisters out there in pursuing their intimate relationship with the Quran regardless of their background and Islamic knowledge.
* To help those who would like to start their baby steps towards the goal. I am here to help, guide and share with all of you.

What will the participants learn?:

* To learn how to tag verses in Quran systematically in a fun way.
* To learn how to do simple Tadabbur Journaling for beginners.
* To learn simple duaas from the sunnah.

Who is this workshop for?:

* This workshop is for sisters only as I want to be more closer to them in sharing my personal experiences.

How much is the fee?:

* The fee is RM250 (only for public workshop) including of class materials, notes and Tag Your Quran workshop manual.

* For Private session, price starts from RM450 for 1 pax, following with RM350 form 2 pax and above (maximum 15 pax only). This does not include lunch, it is to be prepared by hostees. Additional transportation charge applicable for venue outside Klang Valley area, and overseas. Kindly email to for transportation payment rate.

Venue for workshop?

* For public workshop: Venue as provided on the poster.
* For private session: Venue to be decided by students, it can be your own home, office, cafes, or any venue that is convenient to you.
*Do take note that I may charge transportation fee depending on your venue, as mentioned above.

What do I need to bring to this workshop?:

* Kindly bring along your own preferred Quran as I would want my students to engage more with their own Quran. If you don’t have any, I encourage my students to purchase their own Quran translation that you can find at the book store. My workshop is not like any other workshops as I truly want to help each and every one of you to build the best relationship with your Quran, hence getting your own favourite personal Quran would be very helpful in building this beautiful relationship with your Quran inshaallah. So, wait no longer and go for a shopping for your Quran translation.

* Invest time on finding good Quran translation and read it through few pages before you attend the workshop to start developing a better relationship with the Quran.

* If you have no idea to look for what type of Quran, below are some of my preferences as I look for Quran translation. Do take note that this is my personal preference, you are not bound follow if it doesn't meet your requirement.

1. Cover and sizes: I always prefer hard cover and A5 or A6 size as it is easy to be carried around on daily basis.

2. Paper type and colour: I always go for non-glossy type of paper and white or off white colour in colour for my Quran translation as I love it to look clean.

3. Language: I have both English and Bahasa Malaysia Quran translation, you can choose either one that suits to your liking.

4. Publication: These are some my go-to publications for Quran translation, you can check them out, Al Hidayah Publication, Pustaka Darul Iman, Karya Bestari and Saheeh International from Dakwah Corner Bookstore. Please google their locations for more details. Provided in picture below are my Quran translations and please purchase Quran translation with KDN cop.

Below are the list of the Quran translation recommended for you:

To register, click the link: click HERE to register Tag Your Quran workshop

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